I married a mad man, part 2? No more stories on bigbennytheory?

Hello BBT readers,

How are you all doing? I hope all is well. Some of you have sent me messages concerning the part 2 of I married a mad man including messages like is the part 2 out? And when next am I going to update? To be honest, I don’t know the exact date but hopefully, by the end of March or the beginning of April along with the giveaway I hope to host during that period as well. I haven’t posted the part 2 yet because it hasn’t been completed. I don’t want to post an episode and then keep you guys for another 100 years before posting a new one. I wanted it to be completed and not feel rushed too, that’s why it’s taking a while because I haven’t had the time to complete it. You know when you write, you have to be in a good writing mood and a right state of mind to be able to imagine and turn those ideas and imaginations into what you later read and relate to. About other stories, I do have a lot I’m working on as well. I have just been very busy. You know blogging and writing are just part of my hobbies. I am not living off of this blog (at least not yet) so I’m not a full-time blogger. This update was posted to apologize for keeping you all waiting and also to let you know what’s going on. I hope you see this and understand. Thanks to every reader of BBT. Do have a nice day and God bless!


Benita from Bigbennytheory.


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Author: Benita Okafor

Hi 😀 My name is Benita. I am Nigerian, a psychology student, and a blogger. I enjoy taking pictures, I love eating, that’s why I enjoy cooking, writing (not a great writer but hoping to be someday), getting to know people (even though I am a very shy person) and so much more. To view full profile, click https://bigbennytheory.com/about/

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