YEJIDE (episode 13)



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When Kelechi heard Yejide’s story, he felt really sorry for her and tried to console her for her loss as well as the fact that she was abused while growing up. From that very moment, Kelechi opened up to Yejide and revealed to her about his past as well. He told Yejide about how he also grew up fatherless and how hard it was for him to cope with the stigma associated with having siblings (a step-brother and two step-sisters) who shared the same mother but different fathers. None of them shared the same father so their family used to get a lot of looks especially when he was younger. He mentioned some of the things he had to suffer due to his mother’s mistakes and how things changed once he found God. It was a very emotional moment for both Yejide and Kelechi. After Kelechi shared some of his past experiences, Yejide proceeded to ask how he was able to turn out well even with all of his circumstances. This is because according to her, she in the past had believed in faith and in God but stopped after she thought she had been abandoned by God. The two talked for a while and Kelechi encouraged and gave Yejide some advice that she even ended up agreeing to follow him to church the next Sunday.

That night, after Kelechi left for his house and Dupe got back from her outing, Dupe and Yejide had a long conversation about the new path Yejide had decided to follow. Yejide also opened up to Dupe about her past after five years of meeting each other. She had never opened to Dupe like the way she did with Kelechi about her past because she believed it was the best and didn’t want to unlock the pain she went through those years. She cried while speaking with Dupe who was also very emotional at that moment. Both ladies went silent for a while before Yejide asked Dupe to join her in leaving the prostitution life. It definitely came as a surprise to Dupe because she didn’t expect it from Yejide even with all the emotions that were floating in the air. She asked Yejide to repeat herself just to be sure that she heard properly before going speechless. Yejide tried to get Dupe to understand her reasons and why they needed to come to a halt. She explained to Dupe that she confessed to Kelechi and told her about what they did for a living so he spoke to her and gave her some advice. She also told Dupe that he had mentioned that he would help them get better jobs so Dupe was happy when she heard this. Ever since they had known each other and lived together, nobody had ever offered to help them like the way Kelechi did. Not even their neighbors could help get them jobs because everyone was struggling and trying to make it as well. The ladies cried tears of joy and hugged each other that night before falling asleep.

The following day, the least expected happened as Eric, Yejide’s supposed to be boyfriend finally showed up at Yejide’s house when Dupe wasn’t around. This was after a long time of his absence. She had gone to open the door to head for the kitchen when she saw Eric at the door. As surprised as she was, she frowned at his presence and asked him why he was there. He tried apologizing and hugging Yejide but she ignored his attempts. She was mad at him for many reasons and had already realized that Eric needed to be out of the picture so without even thinking twice she ended the relationship they supposedly had and told him never to get in touch with her again. Eric and Yejide’s relationship was more of a materialized relationship than a true relationship. At first, Yejide thought she would see more in Eric as she had pictured even though she knew he was a ladies’ man but things changed when she later noticed the routine she had with him. If it wasn’t going out to parties and outings with him just to serve as his girlfriend, she was pleasing him in bed. However, Yejide settled for Eric’s nonchalant spending and reckless attitude due to the money and material things she obtained from him while Eric was in for the sexual pleasures he obtained from Yejide. They both knew this individually but never openly admitted it. After that night with Kelechi and it was clear what she wanted and no longer wanted, she realized Eric was part of the people she needed to cut ties with. As she ended the relationship, Eric rained insults on her and called her names before exiting. She didn’t expect less so she hissed and watched as he left the premises in anger.


To be continued….


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