Moi-moi recipe using bean flour

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Haven’t posted under the food section for a while but I’m trying to work on that. I’m not here for stories that touch so let’s just jump right into the food for today. Like I always say I’m not a chef or professional cook. I just enjoy cooking and because I am a student who runs on a budget, I sometimes use the little ingredients that I have to make some dishes that I share. That’s why there are two sections under the food section of the blog (Improvised Cooking and Recipe Thursday). There are many ways to make a particular dish. This is just one of my recipe for making moi-moi also known as bean pudding. Although these were all the ingredients I had to make this dish, I would say it’s not that bad. Moi-moi is a very nutritious food eaten in many parts of Nigeria and served with or eaten with other foods. It can be eaten alone as a snack or with rice, pap, bread or even soaked garri.

Here are the ingredients I used for this recipe:

Bean flour

2 full mackerel fishes

1 big red bell pepper

4 eggs


Scotch bonnet



Knorr cubes


Dried Pepper


Canola oil (you can use any oil of your choice)


How to make the moi-moi

  1. Put your fishes to the boil and add your maggi, salt and onions.
  2. Boil your eggs until they are hard boiled.
  3. Measure the quantity of bean flour you want to use for your moi-moi and lay aside.
  4. Put your bell pepper, onions, scotch bonnet, dried pepper, knorr cubes, crayfish and paprika into the blender and blend until it has formed a nice paste.
  5. Mix your bean flour with very little water because you would still add your blended mix to the flour.
  6. Once your moi-moi has been mixed with little water, add your blended mix to the moi-moi and stir until they are completely mixed together.
  7. After the moi-moi has been mixed again, put the mixture back into the blender and blend until your moi-moi has a nice consistency. It should not be too watery or too thick.
  8. Take it out from the blender and pour in a clean bowl before adding a small quantity of oil, deboned fishes and eggs (or corned beef, bone marrows and any other thing you would like to add).
  9. Mix everything together and taste for salt. If the salt is just right or needs a little salt, then add little before pouring the mix into small foil bowls for steaming.
  10. Once they have been dished into the foil bowls, cover the foil bowls with foil wraps. Put a pot on the fire, place foil papers at the bottom of the pot then add a small quantity of water and leave to start boiling before arranging the foil bowls one after the other in the pot.
  11. When all the bowls have been arranged, put more foil papers on top before covering the pot to allow steaming.
  12. Check your moi-moi occasionally to be sure that water in the pot hasn’t dried out and keep pouring water when dried out.
  13. After about thirty to forty-five minutes and sometimes an hour, you should see that your moi moi is ready.
  14. Bring down from the cooker and leave aside to cool before serving.
  15. Serve alone or with rice, beans or soaked garri.












You can serve alongside  Jollof rice, fried rice and Chicken 😋 then enjoy!!!



Author: Benita Okafor

Hi 😀 My name is Benita. I am Nigerian, a psychology student, and a blogger. I enjoy taking pictures, I love eating, that’s why I enjoy cooking, writing (not a great writer but hoping to be someday), getting to know people (even though I am a very shy person) and so much more. To view full profile, click

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