My Boss (episode 17)



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I left his office for home in tears. I couldn’t believe the least I expected from Alex was what happened. I got home and went straight to lay on my bed, crying and wondering why I was always being cheated on. I recalled the moment I entered Alex’s office and the look on the woman’s face. I tried to imagine catching Alex in his office with the woman but became even angrier. I laid on my bed for a while before my phone started ringing. I looked at the caller id and saw that it was Alex so I hissed and threw the phone aside. He kept calling and I didn’t bother responding until I kept it on silence. I was eventually going to speak to him about what I had seen in his office that day, I just wanted to calm down. I slept off and woke up around 3:00am the next day. I was still in my work clothes so I got up and changed into a night gown. Before I went back to bed, I checked my phone and found fifteen missed calls from Alex and two from my mother. I wasn’t still in the mood to talk so I kept the phone aside and went back to sleep.

When I woke up around 6:00am that same morning, I started preparing for work when my phone rang again. I looked at the caller id and saw that it was my apartment’s buzz in number. My guess was Alex came looking for me. I didn’t want to answer the call but I did.

“Hello? Who’s there?”

“Siphiwe, it’s Alex, please open the door.”

“You know I am not ready to talk to you.”

“Please just open the door.”

I decided to let him in. While he was on his way to my main apartment door, I tried dressing up so I could be ready once he got there. Soon later, I heard a knock on the door and went to let Alex in who came rushing in and pulling me close to himself saying nothing happened between him and the lady who I met in his office. I rolled my eyes and failed to believe whatever he was about to say next because I thought he was going to give excuses. He finally said it was a setup by Sebastien who paid the lady I had seen, to pretend like something happened between them. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard this. I asked about the tie I saw on the table, the suit on his chair and everything that was telling me otherwise and he said none of them even belonged to him. I almost burst out laughing because what I heard didn’t seem real. It was more like something that could happen in the movies but not something I expected in reality. I still didn’t want to believe Alex but he asked a question that struck me. “Siphiwe, do you trust me?” When I heard this, I felt my heart drop. I knew whatever I had witnessed seemed very real but I was also failing to believe him even when he said who was behind it.

We finally talked it over and I later found out that he wasn’t lying. Sebastien who I thought had become a good friend to me played tricks on Alex and I. I was raged and at the same time astonished at his actions. I had believed we were cool but I guess I was wrong. Sebastien was fired immediately his case was brought up and like I imagined, he came begging me again. He said all sort of things like, he really liked me, he didn’t want to just let me go and he was envious of Alex. Everything definitely came as a surprise. I mean, I thought Sebastien had moved on a long time ago. I didn’t know he was waiting for a moment when he could break me and destroy my relationship with Alex. That was why he always asked about him, that explained so many things. Anyway, I ended up forgiving Sebastien even though I stopped talking to him. We just went our separate ways. I couldn’t stop beating myself for not trusting Alex and doubting him. Alex used that to remind me over and over again that our relationship should be built on trust.

Seventeen days later….

The day I had been waiting for finally arrived. I locked my apartment and went to join Alex in the car as we drove down to the airport. I was very excited that morning because Alex was going home to South Africa with me. I had previously told my mum about him coming along and you already know she exclaimed happily. I couldn’t help but blush throughout the moment I was with him. We finally got to South Africa and once we were done picking up our luggage, I saw my mother and two of my brothers approaching us so I ran to meet them, passing hugs and kisses. Alex who I had left behind with our bags came to join us where I introduced him to my family. On the ride home, my mother couldn’t stop asking questions and I don’t mean questions for me. They were questions for Alex. It got to an extent, I had to tap my mum so she could stop and allow Alex to rest from the journey. Everyone was already waiting for us so when we got home, we met the rest of the family. I introduced him to my other brother and only sister. I had lost my dad about five years ago so it was just mum and my four siblings. Did I ever mention Alex and I were an interracial couple? Well we were……with Alex being a Caucasian man from England and me being a Black South African. Due to this fact, some of my extended relatives were a bit surprised but they were very accepting and welcoming.


To be continued…..


Final episode coming out on Monday (hopefully).


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