YEJIDE (episode 11)



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Yejide woke up on the hospital bed beside Kelechi who had witnessed the accident and helped rushed Yejide and the man who was driving to the hospital. She looked at Kelechi in confusion and asked what had happened. After Kelechi narrated what he had witnessed, Dupe walked into the ward, rushed to Yejide’s side and hugged her. Kelechi who watched this didn’t say a word until Dupe looked at him and thanked him. Dupe hadn’t realized that it was the Kelechi, ‘the church boy’ as they had been referring to him that she was thanking until Yejide introduced them. Dupe put a hand to her cover her mouth when she found out and apologized. Kelechi did nothing else than to smile and say it was fine. Not too long after, he stood up and told the ladies that it was time for him to leave.

“Your friend is here so I will check up on you later sister Yejide. Take care and God bless you. Goodnight!”

Before he left, Yejide thanked him and apologized for how she had been treating him. She thanked him for saving him even though he told her that it was God and not him who saved her. She and Dupe couldn’t help but feel bad and embarrassed knowing that the man who she had been trying to avoid and pushing away was the same man who selflessly helped her. The next day when she got discharged, She and Dupe found out that her bill was paid by Kelechi. Again, she couldn’t help but feel bad upon finding out so she called him and thanked him.

Yejide had to leave the hospital in bandages and crutches because her leg was broken. She was told she would get better but that it would take a while. Yejide obviously felt horrible hearing this because she knew she couldn’t continue her night walk with Dupe. The ladies both went home in a taxi that Kelechi had sent for them. When they got home, mama ejima who had heard about the incident went to see Yejide, bringing along some home made food for her since they hadn’t been around to cook. Mama ejima talked with Yejide and Dupe for a while before leaving for her home. All through this time, Yejide hadn’t even received a call or text from Eric, her boyfriend. He hadn’t sent a message through anyone or hadn’t come to look for her. This was two days after her incident even though she had previously asked Dupe to help her call him whose call was not returned when he didn’t answer. Dupe decided to stay the night again and help her friend so she didn’t go out that night as usual.

In the afternoon the next day, Kelechi went over to see Yejide. He had called to know if it was okay for him to come so when she said yes, he left his house as soon as he could. Kelechi branched at a restaurant to get food for Yejide and Dupe just before he got to her house. Dupe had been leaving the house when she met him at the gate who she greeted and showed the way to their house. As soon as he got inside and met Yejide sitting on the bed, he couldn’t help but smile warmly at her. She looked up and greeted him returning the smile. Yejide told Kelechi to take a seat before he stretched his hands and handed the food he had bought for them. She thanked him and both started talking. They talked for a while, with their conversation including questions from Yejide like why do you call me? Why are you helping me? Kelechi replied in his subtle voice as usual that it was God who had sent him to her. Yejide sighed upon hearing his replies and asked some more questions. She was tempted to ask if he was just trying to get her attention for something more than he was explaining but she bit her tongue. Kelechi asked about her boyfriend and Yejide lied about him. She said he had come visiting not too long before he came even though Kelechi could sense that she was not saying the truth. A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door and Yejide was about to go check who it was when Kelechi offered to help. He went over and opened to the door to find an older man asking for Yejide and Dupe. When the man told Kelechi who he was, he was about going over to tell Yejide that her landlord was asking for her when he saw her coming out with her crutches assisting her. On getting outside, Kelechi excused them by waiting for Yejide inside.

“Good afternoon sir” Yejide greeted as she saw her landlord.

“Yejide good afternoon, Na wetin do your leg?”

“Oga na motor jam me oo”

“Ayah pele. Ehen you no say I come ask una for the remaining money. Ah don give una two weeks.”

“Oga, I know. These past weeks have been very rough for us and this accident con join am. You no say we dey always pay our house rent on time.”

“Eh but ẹ mo-kpe mo ni ẹbi (you know I have a family). If I allow all my tenants to pay me any time they like, then that will be bad for me now. You should understand.”

They spoke some more in their native language (Yoruba) before he agreed and gave Yejide and Dupe one more week to pay the complete house rent. As sad as Yejide was, she went back inside acting like everything was alright. On the other hand, Kelechi had been able to hear a part of their conversation except for the time they switched into their native language. He was able to understand that Yejide and Dupe had been late for payment so he asked even though he knew what was up. Again, Yejide lied and gave Kelechi another reason for her landlord paying them a visit.



To be continued…..


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