My Boss (episode 16)



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Things were obviously awkward once he entered because it was very quiet. I tried my best not to look at him. I only looked at the elevator door waiting for the moment it would open. We finally got to the first floor without saying a word to each other. Once I stepped out of the building, the worst happened. It started raining heavily and I wasn’t even getting a ride home. The bus stop was still a three minutes walk from the office so I dreaded that moment. I didn’t even try to run because I was already soaking wet. I was almost at the bus stop when I felt someone walking behind me. I slowly turned around to see who it was and there he was, Alex standing in front of me holding an Umbrella over my head.

To cut the long story short, he asked if he could drop me off and you already know I turned him down but he begged so I decided to follow him in his car. During the ride, we sat quietly, Alex not saying a word, neither was I until I was pushed into asking something I thought was really stupid. “How have you been Alex?” I said still not looking at him. He paused for a moment before saying, “Siphiwe, I’ve missed you……”. I couldn’t help but feel bad. His exact words almost slipped out from my mouth when he parked at the entrance of my apartment building. I thanked him and stepped out of his car before heading for my apartment. On getting to the front of my door, I remembered that I had left some of my things in his passengers’ seat at the back of his car. I bit my lips upon remembering and decided to call him while on my way outside to see if he would still be around. As I was heading for the next turn in the apartment’s hallway, we bumped into each other. I recovered from the bump and looked at Alex who holding my things in his hands.

“You forgot this.” He said before handing them over.

There we were, standing very close to each other with me thanking him a second time and then the next thing, I got closer to him and gave him a hug. He reciprocated holding me tightly. I thought it was going to be awkward after everything that had happened between us but it was as though nothing happened. We were in each other’s arms for a while and none of us was ready to let go. I felt so relieved just hugging him.

I’m sure you know from the hug we made up. We started spending time with each other and this time around he was even more of a gentleman than he already was. It was almost like we started afresh. He respected me, my opinions and beliefs more than he ever did, we went out on dates and our relationship pretty much became official two months later. I didn’t think we would end up together because of so many things but I guess I was taken by surprise. Part of me felt he would have gotten tired and left especially because I didn’t want sex before marriage but he proved to me that he was more than sexually attracted to me. Anyway, I had been scared about colleagues and workers finding out about our relationship because relationships between workers were against the company’s policy as long as we worked in the same branch. I told Alex about it but he only waved it off and said he was the CEO after all. After disturbing him about it for two weeks, he finally decided to transfer me to a different branch. It was a very hard decision for him to make because he didn’t want me to leave but it was the best thing to do for us. I had been thrown a small party for my send off even though I wasn’t leaving the company. Things were going smoothly is all I can say. I did hear some gossips about me being transferred because I was sleeping with the ‘boss(Alex)’ but I didn’t even bother doing anything about it.

Five months after Alex and I were officially in a relationship, I had told my mother about him because she kept asking when I would come home with my ‘fiancé’. I even told Alex about my plan to visit home for Christmas (not for him to visit home with me though) because I really missed my family. He didn’t try to stop me from going but he had ensured that I realized I was going to leave him lonely and miss our first Christmas as a couple. Besides that, everything was fine until the day I decided to surprise Alex in his office. I had gone to his branch for a meeting that was to hold with Sebastien and some other colleagues when I decided to surprise him and thank him for the flight ticket (he had surprised me with them) that I had received from him in my mailbox. To my greatest surprise, as I entered his office, I found a lady half naked in his office with her skirts raised high above her thighs as she was trying to buckle her bra. I looked at her with uncertainty, then looked around trying to find Alex who was nowhere to be found although his tie was on the table and his suit was hanging on his chair. I definitely didn’t expect it neither did I dream that Alex would ever cheat on me. I didn’t even bother checking his washroom where he could have possibly been, I just stormed out of his office boiling in anger.


To be continued…..


Hello beautiful people, this episode was supposed to come up earlier but I haven’t been feeling very well so I couldn’t update anything. I hope you are not mad at me. My boss is also coming to an end (did you expect it?). I’m sure a lot of us can’t wait for it to end. Me sef I can’t wait biko. Let me know what you think will happen next. Will Siphiwe and her boss end up together? Leave your comments down below and see you soon.


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