My Boss (episode 14)


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The next day which was Saturday, I got a sweet morning text from Alex. When I read it, my cheeks immediately turned red and I couldn’t stop blushing. I just hadn’t felt that way in a long time. I said my prayers and later got around to do some cleaning since throughout the week I had been too busy to clean my apartment. Later in the day, Alex called and we spoke on the phone for about an hour, thirty minutes. Usually, if I ever got a call from him, it just lasted for about five minutes. I was enjoying every moment I was spending seeing or talking to him.

We went out on many more dates and got to know more about each other. I asked him a lot of questions regarding marriage and religion because I wanted to know his view on them. No I didn’t ask them in a such a way that it would scare him away, I just felt it was a good step to take. We both knew something was probably going to happen between us and I on the other hand, didn’t want to get into an unserious relationship especially one that wasn’t going to lead to marriage. To be honest, at first I didn’t see Alex as a man I could marry but as we were spending more and more time together, I couldn’t help but fall for him. He was such a gentleman even though he didn’t look it at first.

One day, after one of our numerous dates, he followed me to drop me off at my apartment. I hadn’t invited him for once since we started dating (Mind you, we weren’t in an official relationship even after two months of dating. I wanted to take things slowly in which he also agreed). I don’t know why but I just never thought to invite him. This time around, he insisted that he wanted to follow me up to my apartment so he could see where I lived. It definitely came as a surprise and I realized too that he actually had never come up to my apartment even when he used to drop me off. I didn’t object so we both went up together. Once we entered, he complimented on how neat and well organized my apartment was and that made me smile. Luckily for me, I had thoroughly cleaned the house the previous day even though it wasn’t really messy. We sat on the couch and talked for a while until it was time for him to leave (Yes, we did talk a lot every time we were together). I had led him to the door and he had given me a hug before stepping out. He didn’t immediately leave because he was still standing in front of me and so I couldn’t shut the door. He stared at me for a while without saying anything so I asked;


Immediately that slipped out from my mouth, he came crashing into my lips, kissing me gently. In shock, I stood still and couldn’t believe what was happening but I soon found myself responding to his kiss. I wanted to pull away but I couldn’t help it. His hands slowly moved from the back of my head to the back of my dress. I wasn’t sure where he was headed to but once I felt his hands pulling my zipper, I stopped and jerked back in disappointment. He stared at me with confusion written all over his face and all that went through my mind was ‘did he do all this for this?’.

“I’m sorry. I thought you also wanted it.” He finally said.

“Alex, I told you that I am a Christian. I do not believe in sex before marriage. I thought I……”

I was about to say ‘I thought I mentioned it before’ but I realized sex hadn’t come up in our conversations. I placed my palm on my forehead in disappointment because I didn’t expect it. I slowly sighed in relief and thanked God silently for the strength he gave me to stop it before it was too late. Alex came closer and tried to apologize but I politely told him to leave because I wasn’t feeling comfortable anymore. Things were even more awkward and I couldn’t think of any other thing to say to him so I thought it was better for him to leave. He bade me goodnight and I shut my door but immediately burst into tears. I didn’t know why I was crying but I did and didn’t move from the floor beside the door where I had sat down.

The next day at work, things were a bit awkward between us. I didn’t say anything to him whenever I saw him pass by me because I was trying to avoid him even though I knew he wanted to talk to me. I could see it in his eyes and the advances he tried to make. I just didn’t know what to say to him so avoiding him was what I thought was best. He finally called for me and I had no choice but to face him.



To be continued…


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Author: Benita Okafor

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3 thoughts

  1. thumbs up dear,waiting for d next episode….my opinion pls,I have a suggestion Benny,pls finish with 1 story b4 going to another e.g Finish The Boss b4 u go to Yejide and d rest…then pls have a specific day and time when u’ll upload an episode e.g Tuesday 6pm…just an opinion not compulsory but it will be helpful


    1. Hi Feyisayomi,
      Honestly, I understand what you mean and how frustrating it would be for a reader to have to wait a while before seeing a new post or episode, it’s even more frustrating for me. I have actually thought about your suggestions too but I publish more than one story just so that readers have a variety to read. The only problem is sometimes I may still need to complete an episode or some other things come up but it is one thing I’m definitely working on. I appreciate your suggestions. A few changes will be made soon and readers won’t have to wait a while for an episode.
      Thank you once again. Do stop by some other time.


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