Guest Post: Pacesetter by Ighile Nancy Eseosa (episode 2)

Here is another episode of Pacesetter by Ighile Nancy Eseosa.



“Jane, where have you been, been knocking on this door for 15 minutes now.”

She stared into the face of her closest friend and calmness enveloped her, and silently thanking God. If only her thumping heart could be audible. She looked down at the remote control she subconsciously grabbed on her way to open the door and started laughing.
Beatrice, her closest friend, confidant and business partner. They have been friends since their university days.

“Why are you laughing?”. Beatrice asked.

Still laughing “Beatrice, come in already”. Jane said.

“I came to discuss that fashion project with you, I thought to call but what is the essence when I can come around and see your pretty face. And speaking of work, have you”. Her statement drifted off seeing her work station, filled with unfinished clothes, pieces of fabrics, Beatrice sighed.

“What’s wrong with you Jane, you were suppose to have finished this work since and I already told this new client about you, I told her I have the baddest tailor… hmm sorry fashion designer in the game”.  Beatrice mused.

In recent times , her friend has always kept her busy with a lot of jobs and she tried her best to meet the target, but these days hasn’t been it for her most especially today.

“Am getting to it Bea, I just need a little motivation. Am just really tired these days” she said, trying to arrange her work station. Jane thought of telling her friend about the scary dream but knowing her friend to be a master at exaggeration and she didn’t want to escalate things just yet.

” I know it isn’t easy dear, but think of Isioma, think of how much you have achieved since that brouhaha, it isn’t easy to rise up so fast but you are excelling at it”.

Jane thought about what her friend had said. Her baby Isioma is the only achievement she can say she’s proud of from a sham marriage of 6 years.

“Now you are lost in thoughts , enough of this pity party J” Beatrice said.

The ladies continued their day with discussions about other things.

Back from school, Isioma continued to quiz her mum who was busy making dinner.

“Mum, where do babies come from?”

“They come from God”, Jane replied.

“How’s is that”?

Jane confused on how to go about the question

“Food is ready, let’s go and eat.

“But mum…

“We are eating rice”. She said

Isioma forgot about the question and ran to the dinning table to churn down her plate of food.

“Not so fast little lady, let us pray, pray for the food , Isi”

“Father bless this sweet rice that my mummy made and may you bless her because I love her in Jesus name.”

“Amen” Jane smiled and all her worries vanished that instant. Her heart was at rest for the first time that day. Thank you God for her, she prayed silently.

Turning to the little girl who was already into her plate of food.

“Take it easy tiger”.

After dinner, as Jane prepared to take Isioma to bed, there was power outage. Jane reached out for her phone and found a low battery, looked around the house for candle but couldn’t find any. She laid her daughter who was half asleep on the couch and rushed out to buy from a neighbouring shop. She decided to complete most of the jobs she had that night. She was determined to rise beyond the scary dreams and in her mind she thought ‘it was only a dream’. She shot the door behind and walked few meters to buy the candle. On reaching her door, she found her door left ajar, wondering what might be wrong or who might be inside. She entered the house and Isioma was no longer on the couch.

To be continued….

Thanks Nancy for another episode.

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