Forbidden Love (episode 1)

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“Welcome uncle Sam!!!!” I screamed as I hugged him after opening the door. “How are you, my dear?”, he had replied. Uncle sam was one of my favourite uncles. He would bring a lot of gifts for me and my sister whenever he came for visits. He would take us out and spend time with us. Some people even started calling him our second father because of the relationship he had with us. He was my father’s only brother. He wasn’t married even though he was about twenty-six years old, but he lived a comfortable lifestyle alone in a very fine bungalow. On the other hand, I lived with my parents, my sister, Esther and the house help, Francis who we usually called Frank.

‘Where is your sister?” Uncle Sam asked.

“She is sleeping”, I replied.

“And your parents?”, he asked further.

“They’re out”, I replied again.

“And Where is…

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Author: Benita Okafor

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