My Boss (episode 12)

I married a mad man-3

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I didn’t know what was up but he was very persistent to see me that night that I decided not to refuse him this time. He texted me an address and told me to meet him there. The address seemed familiar but I was yet to figure out exactly where. I called a cab and waited for it to arrive. Just about two minutes later, the cab was waiting outside for me. I took the elevator downstairs and walked out to get into my cab. Giving the address to the driver, I put on my seatbelt and relaxed. When we were almost there, I could recognize the area. It was one of the very big parks in the city. On getting there, I paid the driver and got out from the cab. Looking around, I dialed Sebastien’s number and when he picked, I told him where I was. He told me to turn around and I found him standing right in my front. I couldn’t wait to hear the reason why I was brought there especially by the one who was the last person I wanted to see, let alone have a conversation with. He told me to come with him as he took me to a bench not too far from the children’s playground. It was about past ten in the evening. We sat down and Sebastien said;

“I’m glad you haven’t deleted my number.”

“Regardless of anything that happened between us, we are work partners so I pretty much don’t have a choice. Sebastien, why did you bring me here?”

“Please just calm down Siphiwe. I just wanted to have a conversation with you.”

“You could have just called…”

“And you would not have picked your call or wanted to talk to me over the phone.”

“Okay you have a point but what else is there to say? We already spoke about what happened.”

“I haven’t said anything yet Siphiwe.”

When he said this, it went silent. I noticed he actually hadn’t brought up anything about the past so I felt guilty.

“I just wanted us to be friends even if we can’t be anything more than that.”

“Where did this come from?” I asked, actually surprised.

“Nothing, I’m just really sorry for what happened and I hope we could be good friends at least.”

“It’s fine Sebastien. I don’t mind being friends, after all, we are still work partners.” I said smiling slightly. I thought I had been quite harsh on him about the situation so that was my way of redeeming myself. He brought up my boss, Mr. Alexander and asked if there something more other than being work colleagues. That question made me smile a bit because Mr. Alexander also wanted to know if there was anything between I and Sebastien. I replied and told him that he was only my boss and nothing more. Not that it was his business even if there was something more to our relationship. We talked for a while until it was eleven o’clock. I stood up, letting him know that I needed to rest before work the next day. He didn’t object so he drove me home in his car before leaving for his.

At work the next day, there was no tension in the air like the other days. Probably because I kind of reconciled with Sebastien. I’m very sure one of the reasons for the tension was because of him. I was always trying to avoid him. Anyway, I immediately went up to my desk to resume my assignment as I had too many things to attend to. Not to mention my boss who has turned me into his personal assistant. Later that day, I had some work to do with Sebastien so I was in his office for a while. It was all about work even though Sebastien made some jokes. Just when I was laughing, we heard a knock on the door and in walked Mr.Alexander. Things became kind of awkward. He said he had called my desk but he didn’t get a response so he decided to come look for me. He told me to round up with Sebastien because he needed me in his office so when he left, I sighed in relief. When I was done with Sebastien, I immediately went to see my boss. I knocked and when he said I could come in, I entered. He gestured for me to have a seat so when I was seated, he brought out a file and placed it in front of me. I was still waiting for his instruction when he said to open the file. I opened the file and went through it then smiled when I saw what it was all about. I looked up and found him smiling as well. One of the company’s we came in contact with during our trip approved our proposal which meant we were making progress. He congratulated and said I was part of the people who made it possible. I thanked him, still blushing when he said I should go for my break but just before I stepped out of his office, he asked if he could join me. I was still backing him when he said this so my eyes grew wider with shock. Since we got back from that trip, this was the first time, he was saying something casual to me. I turned around and told him that I didn’t mind so he grabbed his car keys and we both left his office. I told him that I needed to grab my bag from my desk so he waited for me just beside the elevator. When I grabbed my bag, we left the building. He told me to come in his car that we could go someplace nice to eat. When he said this, It felt even more awkward. Things were just too awkward for me to explain. I don’t know why it felt that way. Maybe because his mood changed like an unpredicted weather. He would be a gentleman today and the next day, a very annoying boss. I didn’t object so we got in his car and he drove a few more blocks than I would usually go for my break. We got out when he parked beside an eatery. I hadn’t been there before but from the look of it, it was one of his favorite spots.

“Have you been here before?” he asked.

“No” I replied.

“I hope you don’t mind fast foods. I just come here once in a while and it’s one place you need to try.” When he said this, I smiled and nodded as he led the way. We entered the diners, the place was filled with people. I guess his hype was worth it because I don’t even think there was a place to take a seat. The line for ordering a little long too as well. We managed to stay on the line until it was our turn to order. I didn’t know what to get so he ordered for the both of us and even paid for mine. I thanked him and he smiled. When our order was ready he carried them all from the counter and passed me mine. We went back to his car to eat since the place was filled up. So as we sat and was about to dig in, he started a conversation. He asked about South Africa and my family and we just talked about random things. I loosened up and found myself enjoying the conversation that I didn’t know time had gone by so fast. It suddenly dawned on me when I got a message and I was able to check the time. I exclaimed when I saw that it was an hour since we left the office. I looked at Mr. Alexander who didn’t even look worried. He just smiled and said;

“Don’t worry, I won’t fire you.”

I smiled and sighed in relief as he started the engine before driving off.



To be continued….


Author: Benita Okafor

Hi 😀 My name is Benita. I am Nigerian, a psychology student, and a blogger. I enjoy taking pictures, I love eating, that’s why I enjoy cooking, writing (not a great writer but hoping to be someday), getting to know people (even though I am a very shy person) and so much more. To view full profile, click

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