YEJIDE (episode 7)

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Later that evening, Yejide and Dupe left the house for the brothel. Immediately they arrived, they took their seats at the same spot they did the previous day. Yejide looked around in search of Eric. She froze when she saw he was the one approaching them. As he got to where they were seated, he greeted the other ladies before seeking Yejide’s attention. He took Yejide to a room, acting almost the same way he did the other night except he tried getting Yejide to actually have a conversation with him. She was later more at ease and got into a long conversation with him when she saw that he was very persistent. She had never spoken to a man like the way she did with this Eric. He didn’t look so much like a decent guy but she thought he was charming, regardless. He has the looks and the money, so she thought. They talked for a while and the rest was history. The next day, Yejide left the brothel later than usual. Eric had insisted that she stayed and since she was going to be getting extra cash, she didn’t mind. They didn’t really say much that morning before she left.

Two weeks later, life continued with Yejide seeing Eric even though he wasn’t at the brothel every night. This very afternoon, Yejide had been cooking in the kitchen when her neighbor, mama ejima came in and greeted her. Yejide responded and a conversation sprang up between them. They talked for a while about random things. From the issue they had with their landlord to the situation of Nigeria. After a few minutes of chatting, mama ejima remembered that she wanted to give Yejide something. She reached for her bag, brought out a flyer and handed it to Yejide. She told Yejide that her church was having a youth gathering and would really love it if she and her friend could attend. Yejide looked at the flyer and in her mind, she already told herself that she wasn’t going to attend but just as mama ejima was about to leave, she said;

“I would really like it if you and Dupe can come. It’s going to be amazing, trust me. You no say ah be part of the coordinators. I go dey expect una. Okay. Ah don dey go. Make I do go market before night reach. Bye bye.”

Yejide waved her bye and looked at the flyer one more time before heading for her flat. She got in and surprisingly met Dupe dressing up. She asked what the occasion was and Dupe said she was going out with someone, not disclosing a name. Yejide looked at Dupe with suspecting eyes and Dupe burst into laughter.

“E don do. No dey look me like dat. I’m going out with Ij and Nife oo. They wanted me to come with them to an event. I no say you go miss me.”

“Look at this girl, how special you tink say you be sef. Go for your party joor, you think me I don’t know. Sha no go prison again oo.”

The two friends smile at each other until Dupe noticed the flyer Yejide had been holding and asked about it. She told Dupe that mama ejima had invited them to her church for a youth gathering but she didn’t think she would go. Dupe didn’t even hesitate to tell Yejide that she wasn’t going to attend and so she put on her shoes and left the house. Yejide dropped the flyer on the table, leaving to go check the food she left on the fire. On her way to the kitchen, a call came in. She looked at the caller id and when she saw that it was Eric, she picked the call. They spoke for a while and then Eric asked Yejide if he could take her out. She was going to say no but she decided to go out with him since she was less busy. They spoke for a while until he had to drop the call. Eric had told Yejide to expect him in an hour so she decided to get dressed and wait for him. Exactly in an hour, she got a call from Eric saying he was waiting outside for her. Locking the door, she went out the gate to join Eric in his car.

As she entered, she greeted Eric who was smiling at her. “Where are we going?” Yejide asked. Eric only smiled as a response and told her that it was a surprise. He drove up until they got to the parking lot beside a fancy restaurant. They got out and Eric led the way to the entrance of the  restaurant. After Eric spoke to one of the employees, they were taken to a table at the fancier spot of the restaurant. Yejide who was quiet all along was indeed surprised at Eric’s actions. She just couldn’t believe she met Eric who suddenly burst out from nowhere, trying to be a gentleman. They sat at their table and conversed for a while before being served their meal. During the course of their meal, Yejide asked with a subtle look on her face;

“Why all this, Eric? You know I don’t have much to offer. ”

“Isn’t it obvious Yejide? That I like you. That’s why I brought you here.”

“You like me….” Yejide said almost like she was mocking him. “…..You that go to a brothel almost every night.”

“Why do you always think I’m lying when I tell you? I am very serious. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be here with you. Didn’t you notice that I used to go there because I wanted to see you.”

“Hmm, men with their words. I’ve seen how you all are.”

“C’mon Yejide, don’t say that. You know all men are not the same. Life may have been tough on you but I’m here because I really want to be with you. I know we got to know each other in a very awkward situation but let’s not judge from the past. I really like you Yejide.”

When Eric finished his statement, Yejide smiled shyly before standing up to leave for the washroom.

To be continued…..

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