YEJIDE(episode 6)

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After the night was gone and at dawn, Yejide who had been sleeping beside the man whose hand was wrapped around her waist stood up to leave for home. It was still very early but Yejide didn’t want to take stay as an excuse. She got up and immediately got dressed. She had been putting on her shoes when the young man woke up and stared at her for a while before speaking out. He had asked Yejide to stay a little longer but she let him know that it wasn’t part of their deal. She had done her job and was ready to leave. He didn’t argue further but instead asked for Yejide’s name and phone number. Yejide almost didn’t agree until she thought it to be an opportunity for a great business. She was used to doing a one-time business with the men she met so this was definitely new to her. She finally told him her name and gave him her number before leaving the room. She couldn’t believe what just happened. She thought she could be putting herself at risk for giving an unknown man her name and number. She wished she hadn’t but all she could think about was the business she would enjoy if everything worked out as she was imagining. She couldn’t wait to tell Dupe about the man.

As she stepped out of the brothel and looked at her phone to call Dupe, she remembered that she didn’t ask for the man’s name. She had given information to a complete stranger whose name she didn’t know. She snapped out of her thought when she saw a few girls coming out the brothel. She remembered she wanted to call Dupe so she dialed her number and waited for her response. On the third ring, Dupe picked up the call. Yejide asked if she was ready to go since they were both at the same place so they could go back home together. Yejide who had been waiting for Dupe’s response didn’t know when she snuck up behind her and touched her shoulder. Yejide jumped when she felt it and turned to see her friend standing beside her. Yejide rolled her eyes at Dupe because she knew she did it intentionally. Dupe didn’t care if it was very early in the morning or very late at night, she acted silly at any time of the day. The two ladies later left for their house.

When Yejide and Dupe got home, it was already half past seven so they both took a shower before settling down on their bed. Yejide finally brought up the young man she had met when she saw that they couldn’t sleep. She told Dupe about what she had done by giving him her name and number. She also explained what had happened when she had been brought up to the room and his weird behavior but as usual, Dupe laughed at how serious Yejide was explaining her encounter with the man. Yejide saw this and got angry at Dupe who now begged her and said she was only joking. She told Dupe how very annoyed she was with her for the fact that she had to take everything as a joke whenever she was being serious and when Dupe saw that Yejide wasn’t smiling, she apologized again. Yejide who was no longer in an angry mood explained even further to Dupe who now sat up on the bed with listening ears.

“Maybe he is just really interested in you, after all that you would have given him yesterday night,” Dupe said, winking at her.

“Yes but I don’t know…..he was acting strange even before anything happened between us and I think he would be around this night again. Okay, you know I told you that the night I went to hustle for that your prison money. I slept with three guys all in one night. After we were done and I was about to leave, he paid again for another round because he didn’t want me to leave. I mean we didn’t do anything. He just wanted me around the second time.”

“Na today? You, of all people, should know how these guys are now. Ehnn maybe this is just your lucky chance to find a maga. Just be careful sha. All these guys can be up to something or maybe it isn’t actually as bad as we are here imagining.”

They talked some more about the situation until Dupe said she was really tired and sleepy. It wasn’t long when Dupe fell into a deep sleep but Yejide remained awake thinking about a lot of things. Just as she was about joining Dupe in sleep, she got a message from an unknown number and it read;

“Hey beautiful, I can’t wait to see you tonight. It’s the guy you met last night. Eric is my name by the way, just in case you’re wondering.”

When Yejide read the message, she knew who it came from.



To be continued…..

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Next episode comes out tomorrow. Apologies for the late updates, It’s almost like I went on a blog break. I will spare you all the details and maybe excuses of why I couldn’t blog for a while but I hope you understand that It wasn’t intentional. Hope you’ve been enjoying Yejide so far, I think it’s just the beginning so please always come back to read Yejide and other stories. Don’t forget to also say hi once in a while. Will be waiting to reply.



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