My Boss (episode 11)

I married a mad man-3

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Okay the compliments were getting a little too much and I was getting really uncomfortable but I think my prayers were answered because just as he was about to say something, a man walked up to our table interrupting us. I found it quite rude but I still thanked him in my mind knowing that the awkwardness that already steered up between us needed to be broken. The man shook my boss’ hand and shook mine before apologizing to me for interrupting. I’m so grateful actually. I would have said so but obviously, I couldn’t. My boss talked to the man for about two minutes after introducing us. Apparently, he was his long time friend and had come to the hotel with his wife for a small vacation. He actually mistook me for my boss’ wife or girlfriend but Mr. Alexander, yes my boss, corrected his friend by introducing me as his colleague of course. He smiled and said his goodbye before leaving our sight. Mr. Alexander looked up at me, apologizing. I said it wasn’t a problem and asked to be excused for the washroom. I stood up immediately making my way to the washroom, not even looking back. I only hoped that as I got back, our meeting would be dismissed.

When I got back to the table, I sat down and what I had been hoping to hear all along popped up. He said it would be better if we retired for the night and so we both left the restaurant. He walked with me all the way to the door of my room. Well, his room was actually just opposite mine so we basically walked back to our room together. He greeted me goodnight before swiping his room key to open the door. I did the same and entered my room closing the door gently behind me. It was a long night indeed. I took a shower and got on my bed to relax while I stared at the ceiling with so much focus. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was thinking of but I got lost in my thought that I didn’t know when my phone rang. It was not until I came back to my senses that I saw that I had about five missed calls from my mum. I called her back apologizing for the missed calls. She asked about my wellbeing and wanted to be sure everything was fine. We spoke for a while until my eyes became heavy and I couldn’t help but say goodnight to my mum before ending the call. I was yawning and battling with the tingles in my eyes. As I dropped the phone, I felt my eyes already closing beyond my will. I felt like a log of wood because I couldn’t even move on the bed. I must have been really tired even though I didn’t do much that day. Soon enough, I was already fast asleep, wandering in wonderland and dreaming of the awkward moment I spent with my boss.

The next day, the sound of the alarm on my phone sent me jumping up from bed with a headache. I couldn’t understand why I was that alarmed. Maybe because my phone was really close to my ear after I slept off while saying goodnight to my mum. I turned the alarm off and lay in bed just trying to get myself ready for my activity for the day. Like my brother would say, “Let your brain reboot and get ready to start programming.” Very geeky boy indeed. He would usually kill me with his dry jokes that no one wanted to hear. I laid on my bed, eyes closed but mind fully awake. My head hurt like I had been hit with a sledgehammer. I just needed to gain the strength to actually stand up. I managed to roll myself to the ground, going on my knees and saying my prayers. I also asked God to heal my headache before standing up and going to brush my teeth.

Later that afternoon, I headed to the board room for our meeting with another company. This time, it was much longer than the first one. I watched my Mr. Alexander’s presentation and was actually wowed by it. He was an intelligent man, that I knew. It wasn’t until an hour later when we finished the meeting which also turned out well. It was a very happy moment for all so we all decided to go out for lunch. I didn’t speak to Mr. Alexander all through even though I saw his glances. I felt like every of my movement was being watched by not only Mr. Alexander but Sebastien. Anyway, we got out for lunch and had an amazing time. We discussed work for a while and after, everyone became a little freer. I was busy with my delicious meal when one of my colleagues looked at Mr. Alexander and said;

“Mr. Alexander, we missed you yesterday at dinner. Oh and also you Ms. Adams.”

I heard this and gulped, waiting to hear what Mr. Alexander was going to say. I wasn’t sure if how I felt about the question was okay or if I was just a bit too panicky. Mr. Alexander replied and told them that we were both together discussing my presentation so everyone smiled and complimented me. I don’t know what got me to look at Sebastien but I did and his sight did not look pretty at all. Neither did he seem to be enjoying his meal. He stayed quiet for a while even when topics concerning work were brought up. It got me thinking that maybe I was just a bit too harsh on him. I mean, was I? We finished our lunch and left for our rooms feeling very tired. We were finally done with work and was going back the next day. I actually couldn’t wait to go back. I missed my apartment and my comfortable space. Since I and Mr. Alexander’s rooms were on the same floor, we basically walked to our rooms together again but in silence. I was already opening the door to my room when he said, “Have a nice day, Ms. Adams.” I replied with the same thing but also complementing him before going into my room. That night, I didn’t go out for dinner. I only stayed in the bathtub for a while, just trying to relax. I needed that greatly.

It was a long night because I woke up a few times, checking the time to only realize that it was still early. I just couldn’t understand why I couldn’t sleep properly. When it was finally morning and time for me to wake up, I couldn’t. I was feeling so tired and sleepy, having woken up several times in the night. I struggled to stand up but I couldn’t even carry myself so I gave up and slept back setting an alarm for 11:00am. At least, our flight wasn’t until 2:30pm.

Two days later…

We were back at work, everything was back to normal. My ever serious boss still very serious with his usual stern look. He didn’t even say anything to me except it had to do with work. It was as though we never had a conversation the night we had a date, a business date. On the other hand, Sebastien still wasn’t saying a word to me. I actually kind of felt guilty. So this was how things went down until one day, after returning from work, I got a call from Sebastien. I picked up, just to hear him out. And this time, he pleaded to see me that night.


To be continued….



Author: Benita Okafor

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