My boss (episode 5)

I married a mad man-3

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When I got home, I went straight to my bedroom, went on my knees just beside my bed and thanked God for the day. It was very annoying and a lot happened but I was grateful I got the job. When I was done praying, I looked at my phone to see the text message I got because I remember hearing the sound that indicates you just got a message. I looked at the message and realize it was from a number that wasn’t saved on my phone but as I read the message, I could tell it was Sebastien. He was like…”Hey! This is the guy you had a DATE with today. lol. I’m just being silly. I just wanted to know if you had gotten home. Anyway, this is my number. Let me know when you get this. Bye!” I smiled at the message and replied, “Hey! I just got home. Thanks for asking. I’ll save your number then”

As I sent the text message, I got a reply from him immediately.

“You just got home?”

“Yeah….boss kept me working even after my shift was over.”

“Oh! sorry. Not nice at all :(”

“Lol yeah. Thanks anyway. It’s all good. At least, I’m home now”

“Yeah…I had a nice time with you today. I haven’t opened up the way I did with someone in a while”

“Lol, I’m glad you did cos I did too” I was going to send that but I thought it was kind of mushy so I erased it and sent; “Lol. yeah. It was nice talking to you too”

I didn’t know if that was better but I sent it anyway and that was how we kept chatting until my eyes were literally popping out of its socket. I needed to sleep. I told him I was tired and needed rest in which he agreed and let me. His last message that night was “Goodnight Siphiwe” and I replied with a “Goodnight” as well.

The next day, I woke up a bit earlier than usual. I tried sleeping back but I couldn’t so I stood up and decided to get ready for work. I was able to actually have breakfast that morning which shows how early I was up. I got to work like an hour earlier than I did the previous day and went straight to give the distributing department the documents that needed to be processed. I didn’t see Sebastien in his office even though he worked in that department so I gave it to the other lady who was also in charge of the department. That day wasn’t as busy as the previous because I was seated at my desk, almost throughout the day, very bored. I didn’t have much to do so when it was time for lunch break, I didn’t wait for anyone to tell me to get out. I took the elevator to the ground floor and met Sebastien on my way out. He said he was going out for some coffee break and invited me to join him. I wanted to tell him I wasn’t the coffee type but I didn’t want to be rude so I agreed and we left for the coffee hut just down across the street. We chatted for a while and talked about more things than we did the last time. Funny enough, I wasn’t finding it weird like I was supposed to. It was just nice talking to him. He said the right things and did the right things. And no, neither am I looking for or at the perfect guy. He was just a nice man. Anyway, we talked and chatted for a few more minutes in which I kept glancing at my wristwatch in order for me not to stay past my break time. We kept on talking until he said;

“Would you like to go on an actual date with me Siphiwe?”

When he said this, my face changed a little. I was about to turn him down and let him know that I was slowly getting over the end of my previous relationship when he said;

“Siphiwe, you don’t have to reply now. Please just think about it before you reply. It’s not like we will become official immediately. I just want you to have a nice time.”

I bit my lip and paused for a while because I didn’t really want to go on a date just yet but I nodded my head and agreed that I would think about it. We later left the coffee hut and headed for the office. My boss didn’t disturb or give me much work so I was able to leave work at the right time. I remember getting home that day and feeling very bright. I guess it was because I didn’t have to do much. I can be so lazy at times. Anyway, when I got home that day, Sebastien decided to call me and we spent hours on the phone talking about anything and everything. I just didn’t know how and why it happened but we spent hours on the phone talking. He asked about my previous relationship and at first I hesitated but I ended up telling him all about it. He told me his as well and we consoled each other. I mean we have to move on from cheating liars right. I ended agreeing to go on a date with Sebastien. I mean he had been nothing but nice to me. He sounded so happy when I told him that night and I went to bed smiling.

The next day at work, I went in to hand out some documents to Sebastien when I saw him with a lady and possibly her kid. He was playing with the little boy like he was his father causing me to smile. I thought he was the sweetest man in the world even to customers, he was so loving. I stood by the wall admiring him from across the room when I saw him lean in and kiss the lady on the lips. My eyebrows went up with my eyes almost popping out. My chest hurt like a bullet had penetrated. “Oh my goodness! Do not tell me that is his wife and kid,” I said to myself after seeing this. I shook my head and muttered,”Men!” How could a married man flirt with other women and even ask them on dates? How was he able to talk to me all night long? I couldn’t believe my eyes. I waited angrily at the door of his office to give him a piece of my mind. I can’t believe I already started falling for his charms. The pathetic liar!


To be continued…..




Author: Benita Okafor

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