My Boss (episode 4)

I married a mad man-3

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Looking up, I saw my boss stand before me……….Just kidding.


Looking up, I saw Sebastien stand before me and he said, “May I sit with this lady?”

Smiling I said, “Sure you may”

Seems like he was the “proper” kind of guy. I always a bit upset that he came around and stopped me halfway from devouring the best meal of the moment. I was just about to eat like I had never eaten before but I guess that didn’t work out as I would have to eat properly in front of this gentleman. I think that might not have gone as planned because just two minutes into my meal, he said, “You must be really hungry” I just smiled and continued with the eating. He ordered his meal, just a little portion of what “I don’t know that was” and a drink.

“So…I guess we wouldn’t have to wait for a coffee break to have a friendly discussion,” he said.

“Yeah I guess,” I replied.

He kept on with the conversation, asking why I had decided to work for the company, where I lived, what university I attended and so on. He noticed my accent and asked If I was from a different country and I told him I was born and bred in South Africa. I explained to him that I only moved a couple of years ago to continue my education but since then I decided to reside in England. I asked him a few questions as well and he told me he was half English and American since he was born to an English father and American mother. He said he was the only child of his parents and also mentioned that he was single even though I didn’t ask. At first, I didn’t feel comfortable with the whole conversation because we talked about a whole lot of personal things but I later enjoyed talking with him. I found him to be funny because I laughed at some of his jokes. We seemed to be enjoying each other’s company until I saw my boss walk in. This time, he wasn’t with a woman, he was alone and I think he already saw I and Sebastian because he was walking towards us. I couldn’t understand if he was walking up to us and why he would do so until I looked at the time on my phone and realized it was way passed my lunch break. I didn’t know if to just sit there or wait until he walked up to us. Sebastian on the other hand, hadn’t even noticed because he was busy with his phone.

Even with all my thinking of what to do next, he finally caught up with us and said, “I’m sorry to disturb your date Sebastien and Miss Adams but I believe it’s a working hour and lunch break was over a long time ago. There are some files on your desk waiting for them to be reviewed. Please see to them and get them processed like the rest. Thank you.”

After saying this, he walked out leaving me speechless. I don’t know about Sebastien but I found his whole speech somewhat rude. Where on earth do people like that come from? I didn’t know scenes like this could occur real life. I used to think they happened in the movies alone. Have you seen grown ups act so rude when trying to be professional. Are you kidding me? Anyway, enough of my ranting. Sebastien just laughed at my expression. He noticed I wasn’t happy with the way my boss spoke to us. He only told me that he had always been like that ever since he lost his mother. He had changed drastically towards everything. I just didn’t think that was a good reason to act the way he did. I excused myself, stood up from the chair and thanked Sebastien for his company. I told him I had to leave and dashed out of the restaurant with a frown on my face. I already walked a distance before I remembered I hadn’t paid the bills for my meal. I sighed, even more annoyed and started heading towards the restaurant again when I saw Sebastien on the way.

“Did you forget something?” he said.

“Yeah, I forgot to pay my bills. Surprised they didn’t even come after me” I replied.

He smiled and said, “I already took care of that”

“Oh no! you shouldn’t have. Here, let me pay you back” I said bringing out a twenty dollar bill from my purse.

“No! No! C’mon Siphiwe. It wasn’t a big deal. After all, that should compensate for making you run late.”

I thanked him and showed him how much I appreciated his kindness. I mean it was just the first day of work and a lot of drama had already occurred. We walked back to the office together and I took the elevator to my floor, where my desk was located. On getting out of the elevator, I could tell that there were files on my desk because I could see a stack of them. I sighed, walked over to the desk and took a seat. I went to through each and everyone one of the files and prepared them for processing. I guess they hadn’t seen someone to take this position in a while. I bet they all quit after the first day with the so much work to do. Anyway, I took the documents to the distributing department and went back to my desk. I had just ten more minutes to my break so I waited in silence for the working hour to be over. I couldn’t wait to take a nice warm bath and think about my life again as usual. I kept on checking my wrist watch and hoping the hands of the clock would just run so I could just leave the office. When it was about five more minutes, my boss called me and asked to see him in his office. I was still a bit angry with the act he put up earlier that day but I ignored it.

When I got to his office, he kept a very stern look, I hoped he didn’t have more work for me because I was just done for that day. He was still busy with some papers while I stood in front of his desk waiting for him to speak up. I glanced at my wrist watch and saw that my shift was over until he looked up and said;

“I need you to review these documents before leaving work. You don’t have to take it to the distributing department today but please be sure they are ready so that first thing tomorrow morning, they are processed.”

As he just shut his mouth after his speech, I didn’t know how to reply. I was speechless, filled with anger at that moment. He knew what he was doing. I was very sure of that. I finally spoke up and protested.

“Sir, I don’t mean to be disrespectful but my shift was over a few minutes ago. if I have to review those documents today. It would take about thirty minutes to finish them.”

“I didn’t say you should take them to the distributing department. I told you to review them before you leave work so that first thing tomorrow morning, it is processed.”

“I….,” just when I was about to protest again..

He said, “After all, you took some time out of your working hours to go on a date”

I am so sure my mouth opened a bit when he said that. Can you imagine someone this immature? I didn’t protest again so I took the documents off his desk and left his office to review them. I remember watching others pack their things to leave for home while I had a few documents left to review. I didn’t see my boss come out of his office though when everyone was almost out. I guess he worked late too but that doesn’t I should too. I mean I didn’t sign up for this. Anyway, I was done in no time and I kept the documents in my office drawers before packing my things to head for home. I had gotten to the ground floor before I remembered I left my other pair of shoes under my desk. I wanted to leave it and just go home but I decided to go get them before leaving. Yes! Sometimes, I do take two pair of shoes to work, mainly because later in day, I change from my six inches heels to a flat shoe. When I got out of the elevator on the floor my desk was located, I went to the elevator, grabbed the shoes and was heading for the elevator when I saw the door of my boss’ office open. He came out and was heading my way. I got into the elevator and so did he. It was very awkward but I didn’t say anything, neither did he. I was even too mad to look at him. We got to the ground floor and both went our separate ways. I got the bus stop and took a bus home.


To be continued….







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