My “Boss” (episode 2)

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I married a mad man-3


Immediately  he said “you’re late”, I felt every part of my bones shift. I became really scared that I would lose my Job, but I summoned up the courage and didn’t break down. I told him I was sorry and I did deserve rejection right away, but I truly didn’t mean to be late. He looked really angry, and that got me thinking. If this would be my boss, It would really be tough to work with him. I swallowed the remaining saliva that was left in my mouth. After two minutes of silence, he gestured for me to sit down on the seat right in front of his desk as he took his. Still nervous, I stepped forward and took a seat. I just prayed in my heart that the interview would go well. “Miss Siphiwe Adams right?” he said looking at me. “Yes sir!!” I replied with a shaky voice hoping he wouldn’t notice, I looked at the documents I was holding in my hands. He was going through some papers in front of him when he looked up again and asked for some documents. I gave them to him, still feeling nervous but he only gave a straight face and collected the documents. He asked a few questions and finally he said, “You do seem like the right person for this Job but I do not accept lateness” “Yes s….” I was trying to reply before he cut in. “….and I need you to be smart in everything. You can leave now, we’ll get back to you as soon as we make a decision. Thank you for applying”, I nodded and gave a frustrated smile while standing up. He stood up as well and shook me as I left the office. With a sigh just after I left his office, I approached the elevator that took me to the main floor. Sitting on one of the chairs at the reception, I brought out my phone to call a cab and not long after there was one waiting outside for me. I told the cab driver my address and we drove off.

When I got home, I took off my clothes and went straight to the bathtub to make a nice warm bath. I needed to clear my mind of what happened earlier and how late I was to an interview all because I slept late looking at Instagram killers and looking for baes. I did feel really bad, but I tried to enjoy my moment of a warm bath when I thought of what my mother said to me, the last time we spoke. She said she was waiting for me to bring her in-law home. I really felt a pressure to get married and I didn’t like it. I hadn’t even found a boyfriend not to talk of a fiance. The last relationship I was in, he cheated. He cheated on me with several girls not just one but several and that was because I always forgave after he’d begged that he would never do it again which was all lies. I remember after we broke up, I cried my eyeballs out. I was so weak and so tired. I wasn’t the type of girl that used to say I no longer believe in true love or men and all because I was really hurt. Although I truly loved him. It took me months to heal and accept the fact that the man I loved didn’t love me back. I was devasted and angry at life. Here I was, all broken and sad, possibly lost a job due to my stupidity and carelessness. I sighed and closed my eyes hoping to feel at peace. The music I had played earlier was actually helping to calm my nerves. It was so calm and nice.

The next day, I got a call from the same company I was late for an interview. “congratulations ma’am. you’ve gotten the job” the man on the phone said. I jumped and screamed when I heard this. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. I was even more surprised that I was called the next day after the big disappointment of coming late the day before. I thanked the man on the phone and he told me I needed to come to the office for a review and so an hour later, I appeared at the office. Walking to the reception, I told the lady behind the desk that I was there for the review and so she told me to go to the boss’ office. The same man that got really angry when I was late, the same man that interviewed me and the same man I would be working for. Immediately, my heart started racing, I became nervous as I didn’t want to mess up this time. I went to the elevator and took it to the fifth floor where  my boss’ office was located. “come in” my boss replied after knocking on the door. “Miss Adams, please have a seat” he said as I thanked him and sat down beside a man that looked just about the same age as my boss. “We’ve gone through your resume and did a background check on you. We find you to be the right person for this job because you impressed us.” my boss said. I smiled and thanked him in response before he continued talking. They (that is, my boss and the other man I met there) gave me guidelines, instruction and necessary things I needed to know to begin working. After about thirty minutes, we were done with the review and I shook hands with them before exiting the room. When I got to the main floor, I went to ask the receptionist for my office. “Are you done with Mr. Alexander?” the lady asked. Guessing it would be the boss, I nodded as she gestured her hands towards a direction “This way miss Adams”. I followed her until we got to a corner on the fifth floor where she pointed at the desk and chair right in front of us. “Thank you I said as I dropped my bag just beside the desk. I was to start work the next day, but I wanted to see everything and find out what I needed before coming to work. I didn’t stay for long because an hour later, I left the office. When I got downstairs to walk to the bus stop, I sighted my boss beside a car, which was probably his, with this fancy looking woman who was probably his girlfriend. She looked beautiful and I admired her already, but I jumped in fear and shock when my boss looked up and caught me staring. I quickly walked past and literally ran to the bus stop. My boss just caught me spying on him, I’m not sure if that’s the right word to use, but I knew it didn’t feel right. I got into the bus and sighed before taking a seat. I suddenly became scared to see him at work the next day.

To be continued………

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