Why are you a RACIST?????

Hello guys!!!

I didn’t think I was going to post today but I had to and it’s on…..”RACISM”.

I was on YouTube today, just watching videos on different things like fashion, dancing, singing, comedy…..etc but was not happy when I got to read some of the comments. If it’s on…..

Fashioin: some would be like…”Black girls are ugly, that’s why there aren’t much black models on Victoria secrets. Who even brought that up? The video is only showing a black girl enlightening us on great outfits you can wear for different seasons.

Dancing: White girls can’t dance, they don’t have talents. and you just saw a white girl doing the stunts and flips and all that.

Singing: I hate Asians’ accents, they can’t sing. You just heard the most beautiful voice from an Asian girl.

And so on……..

Everywhere in the world, racism pops up.

I mean

why being a racist?

Despite the fact that we are all different, we have different features, cultures and all that. We are still made from one God. I do not know about you but I believe in The Almighty God. The creator of all things. The God who reigns forever. The God who made each and everyone of us in his own image. Yes I know some of us are blacks, whites, Asians…etc. and guess what? We are all beautifully and wonderfully made. It’s like God was just being creative when he made us in different shapes, colors and sizes. No race is more special than the other. We are all special. so why all the hatred?


If you are a racist, one word for you.



Author: Benita Okafor

Hi 😀 My name is Benita. I am Nigerian, a psychology student, and a blogger. I enjoy taking pictures, I love eating, that’s why I enjoy cooking, writing (not a great writer but hoping to be someday), getting to know people (even though I am a very shy person) and so much more. To view full profile, click https://bigbennytheory.com/about/

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