Valentine’s day gone sour

  Hey guys……………’s y’all doing? I know valentine’s day is long gone but I wanted to share with you a couple’s story. I also want to hear how your valentine’s day went so leave your comments in the comment box below or send me a mail. If you also want them published, let me know. so now to the story……..

There were two young couples, they both loved each other and were the grand masters in PDA(public display of affection). The guy always had something in stock for his girlfriend. He would either announce that he loves his girlfriend so much in a restaurant or he would sing for her on the streets with his guitar. They were what they call the “fairytale lovers”. All their friends were in love with their love. They even throw a big party to celebrate their anniversaries and they weren’t even married. As much as people loved them, a lot of people also envied them, even married couples. Can you imagine? These two were very much in love although they were still in the university.

It was 14th of February and as usual, they were going out to celebrate valentine’s day. They both stayed in the same apartment at that moment. And as you know, some girls take hours to dress up especially when it’s a very special day. While Natasha was dressing up and David was waiting for her in the sitting room, David got a message from an unknown number. “Don’t do it, your girlfriend is cheating on you”

check the picture below to see full message.


When David heard this, he became angry. He wanted to just be killed on the spot. He couldn’t believe it. His six years relationship with Natasha was a pretense? Tears couldn’t help but drop from his eyes. Immediately, he heard Natasha’s voice screaming “I’m readyyyy” from inside the bedroom. Then she appeared in the doorway leading into the sitting room. “so how do I look?”, Natasha asked. All David wanted to  say was……


but instead “you’re beautiful” came out from his mouth.

The couples went for their dinner in their favorite restaurant. People there already knew how much they loved each other because they were always seen there in a PDA mode and so they were always recognized. They entered the restaurant with their fancy outfits, both looking elegant. The restaurant was filled up today because it was valentine’s day. The restaurant also did a good job of decorating the place with warm, love decorations. The place looked  really special that night for David to propose to his Girlfriend. Well yeah he thought about the picture of her with another dude but he still loved her deep down, perhaps he would just clarify things when they get home that night.

Few minutes later, when the restaurant was even fuller, David stood up from his chair with a glass in his hands. He hit the glass softly with a spoon and told everyone he had an announcement. After everyone looked to see it was David, they paid  attention. They all guessed it was the big question he was about to pop up. One of the waiters brought David a microphone to use.

“As you all know, Oh sorry!!! Pardon me, I would like to wish everyone a happy valentine’s day. I do hope you all enjoy this beautiful day. I have also come here like each and every one of you to celebrate this day with that special someone. I love her so much and wouldn’t want to let her go if you ask me but today I don’t want to talk much, Let actions speak for itself. I would like to ask Natasha a very big question”.

With this, he went on one knee. Everyone started bringing out their phones and cameras to take this romantic scene. Natasha was already blushing where she was sitted close to David on one knee. David starting crying with emotion and finally asked the big question.

Natasha, why did you cheat on me?”

People thought they didn’t hear clearly. “cheat?” murmured some people.

“‘Natasha why did you do this to me?

Natasha couldn’t say a word. She felt embarrassed and so ashamed she ran out of the restaurant.

If you were David, how would you have treated the whole situation and if you were Natasha, what would you have done?

Leave your comments below…..


Author: Benita Okafor

Hi 😀 My name is Benita. I am Nigerian, a psychology student, and a blogger. I enjoy taking pictures, I love eating, that’s why I enjoy cooking, writing (not a great writer but hoping to be someday), getting to know people (even though I am a very shy person) and so much more. To view full profile, click

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