“BOO” and BAE”

Hey guys
So I know this post is kinda silly but I wanted to talk about it.
When you hear the word “BOO” or “BAE”…….what comes to your mind? lol
Is it?
1. Boyfriend/girlfriend
2. Husband/wife
3. Bestfriends
4. Close friends
5. Friends
6. Loved ones

Most people said number 1 and 2
Others said 3. The rest said 6. But really which is it. Even people you barely know call you bae or boo.
For the 1 and 2 category especially 1, do you still feel special when he/she calls you bae or boo because you know you’re the only one being called that by him/her?
So talk to me guys. What do you think?
Leave your comments below……

#valentine’s day special……coming soon.


Author: Benita Okafor

Hi 😀 My name is Benita. I am Nigerian, a psychology student, and a blogger. I enjoy taking pictures, I love eating, that’s why I enjoy cooking, writing (not a great writer but hoping to be someday), getting to know people (even though I am a very shy person) and so much more. To view full profile, click https://bigbennytheory.com/about/

11 thoughts

  1. Hmmm… Here you go again with your controversial posts… Lol. Well, I think they’ve both lost their real meanings and have become more of an urban word. I knew the word Bae before I even knew what it meant (Before anyone else) and I call both my really close friends and my boyfriend Bae and Boo but I guess depending on the scenario people take it differently… 😄

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  2. Seeing that bae is a danish word for poop, anyone can be called that, and you won’t know d persoperson’s heart… as for boo, a teddy bear on tv is named book so it can be called any how


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