DonMula (A new BOMB in the music industry).

Have you guys heard of DonMula? If you haven’t heard then you’re history. Lol. He truly is a new bomb in the music industry and yes he is about to explode. Davido and wizkid better watch out. hehe. Anyway this guy is an upcoming Nigerian artiste. I bet you, he’s easy to love. Well not just his looks, LOL but his personality and songs. I interviewed him a while ago and these were his responses.

With DonMula…….

What is/are your names?
Ayoola Mayowa

How old are you?

What’s your DOB?
June 11 1995

Where are you from?
I’m from osun state, Nigeria

When did you start singing and recording?
I started singing when I was in secondary school. Ever since I was young I noticed I love to entertain people. I don’t know why but I see myself making people smile a priority. But I recorded my first song which was my first time recording a song in April 2014.

What songs have you released?
I have recorded and released 4 songs.

Describe your style?
My style….hmm I ooze versatility as my unique sound blends, dance hall, afrobeat, RnB and hip hop but my main style is Afro hip hop

What kinda songs would you be releasing?
Kinda songs I would be releasing… well i will just say good music. I just want to keep making my fans #teaMula happy you know, it is my number 1 priority.

Was this always your goal? Who is/was your music influence?
Well Fela Anikulapo Kuti, D’banj, Kanye west, Burna boy and honestly I respect wizkid and Davido a lot. You know those guys inspire upcoming artistes a lot. And also my musical influences includes my uncle Lanre Ayoola who is also a gospel artist…….well in my family, we love singing ohhh

Lol, what are your inspirations?
Yepppa my inspirations…..mum do say Mayowa you’ve collected over 5 Grammys as a bathroom singer and performer. Lol…… Being in the bathroom is one of my ways of getting inspired. Lol. It’s funny but it is the truth. And also walking on the street cos I love being real. It’s fun, you should try bathroom trips sometimes. I got my first two songs in the bathroom. (Laughs)

Who is your woman crush in the music industry?
Wow my woman crush… yeah one time I did a song yemi yeah. It sounds like a reply to Yemi Alade’s Johnny but that wasn’t my intention. Some bloggers started saying DonMula or Alex. Who is the Johnny? But I respect Yemi Alade a lot, she has retweeted 2 of my songs before and that makes her my woman crush. I love being supported.

Who do you aspire to be like? As successful as?
Well honestly no one. I want to make my own history but believe me I want to be a legend. So bad I’m working harder.

Did you ever think you would get this far?
Noooooooo, I was thinking it was gonna take me years but my career is not even a year old but I thank God.

What is your dream collaboration with a musician or producer?
Yeah I want to collab with a lot of superstars both international and local but I want to work with everyone who wants to work with me because they would love to but not because of the money I want to offer them and see working with me, even if I go to them to work with me. A privilege.

When you’re not singing/writing/producing, what are you doing?
When I’m not working, believe me, I’m doing something crazy cos I’m this crazy type. Three words describes me and they all start with letter C
Cool, Crazy, Creative. But if I’m not doing that, I’m relaxing. I love relaxing a lot because I am a workaholic.

Tell us something a little known about you. (I.e embarrassing moments, favorite food, silly obsessions).
Embarrassing moments…..see honestly I love being embarrassed because it makes me want to work more and anything that’s gonna give me that spirit like “hey you need to work extra hard”, I love it.but the main ones are the female fans. Some will look down on you like you’re a nobody but all I just do is smile like a somebody.
Favorite food….I love local food, anything local. And yeah I love drinking gariiiiii.
Silly obsessions…frustrating my friends. Lol yeah it’s crazy but that’s me. I like cooking. Like I don’t eat out that much so you find me in the kitchen mixing and mastering different things. (Laughs). But trust me, I’m a good cook.

Is there a new song coming out soon?
Yeah, I’m dropping freestyles soon which are nothing to what’s in the kitchen. Also my mixtape album Voice of the new Era, working on that. I’m done with writing the whole songs on the album sef. And I’m also doing 1 or 2 songs with very known superstars in the game.

What would you like to say to your fans out there and to the ones who don’t know you yet?
Hey come let’s get naked and dance on the main road. (Laughs) just kidding. I mean watch out for DONMULA.

what do you guys think so far? he has a good personality and sense of humor. He’s funny though. These are some of his pictures below:

DonMula hanging out with friends
His new song….. “La Scatter” will be released February 15th .You can support him by making a picture like this then post them on instagram, twitter, facebook….etc with #DonMula

IMG_20150126_133549 IMG_20150126_133605 IMG_20150126_133611IMG_20150126_133538

I am sure he will not let you down, sue me if he does. Na joke oo. please don’t sue me. but i’m sure he won’t let us down.

DonMula don’t let us down.

Reach him on:-

Twitter- @iamdonmula

Facebook- Donmula

Instagram- @iamdonmula

Download some of his songs….

Twerk by Donmula,

Yemi by Donmula,



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